Our Story

We began our journey in the Spring of 2019 and have been building from the ground up ever since. The ultimate goal for 2019 is to provide natural full spectrum CBD with less than 0.3% THC. We hope to produce isolates, distillates, and CBD health and wellness products. As the season progresses we will keep you updated on the growth of our now germinated varieties.

We also offer consulting services for your hemp production needs. Prairie Hills Hemp Co. is focused on a 7.8 acre crop this year to ensure we produce the highest quality CBD. Our farm land has sat idle from cultivation for a number of years and should produce an excellent natural product.


Prairie Hills Hemp Co. would like to eventually be able to offer customers the opportunity to visit and tour our farm. Transparency is important to us and when the State of Kansas relaxes their restrictions concerning licensed grows we will indeed be able to offer this opportunity. Please check back for updates concerning changes in Legislation and the Kansas Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Program.


The hemp scene is a new adventure for us. Hemp has not been cultivated in Kansas for over 80 years, so no one really knows how this will blossom. However, everyone at Prairie Hills Hemp Co. brings something very valuable to the table. First and foremost is the drive to be successful. Second, we are all mid-westerners with farming histories. Third, we are family. Combined, we expect a very productive season.